CO Product

Produced by: Université Libre de Bruxelles


CO distributions are retrieved from IASI radiance spectra using the Fast Optimal Retrievals on Layers for IASI (FORLI) software, developed and maintained at the ‘‘Université Libre de Bruxelles’’ (ULB) with the support of the ‘‘Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales’’ (LATMOS). It handles as fast as possible all the IASI spectra, i.e. 1.3 millions of observations per day, disseminated through the Eumetsat data distribution system, Eumetcast, about 2.5 hours after observation. FORLI radiative transfer uses pre-calculated tables of absorbances at various pressurse and temperatures, in the spectral region of the CO 1-0 band. The temperature and humidity profiles used as inputs come from the operational MetOp Level 2 meteorological products. The retrieval scheme is based on the Optimal Estimation Method (OEM) described by Rodgers (2000) and uses a priori mean profile and his associated variance-covariance. A CO profile is retrieved, as well as diagnostic tools including retrieval errors from various sources (smoothing, measurements) and averaging kernels.


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By clicking on Data Access (dark blue button) you will find CO derived from IASI satellite observations. Quicklooks and numerical data are available from 2007 onwards.
By clicking on the Traceability Chain you will find specific information on how the CO ECV precursor is retrieved.
Do you have questions on how the satellite CO data is produced, how good it is, or how useful for your application? Then please post your questions or comments on this CO ECV Forum.