Albedo Product

A joint product from UCL and Brockmann Consult


The QA4ECV albedo Essential Climate Variable product contains broadband and spectral albedos: (1) A shortwave DAILY albedo at 0.05 degrees derived from AVHRR and GEOstationary satellite data from 1981-2014; (2) A broadband DAILY product at 0.05 degrees derived from AVHRR only from 1981-2014 in 3 broadband (Visible, near-IR and shortwave); (3) a spectral DAILY product at 1km derived from MODIS, VEGETATION(2), MERIS, Proba-V from 1998-2016. (4) a 10-band spectral and broadband product derived from the MCD43 A1,2 (500m daily) to summarise 16 years of observations. Upscaled versions of ALL of these products are also available.


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By clicking on Documents, you will find ATBD, Product User Guide and Uncertainty and Validation.
By clicking on Albedo ECV Forum, you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions as well as somewhere where you can report your experiences and questions with these data.
By clicking on Data Access, you will find browse images, animations, accessing data for tiles, global mosaics and/or subsetting by location.
By clicking on Traceability Chain, you will find specific information on how the albedo ECV is retrieved.