Outline of a Framework for a QA Service in Support of C3S

Version 1.0. Draft for community consideration available here

The Quality Assurance for Essential Climate Variables (QA4ECV) project aims to prototype a robust, generic system for the implementation and evaluation of QA measures for satellite-derived ECV climate data record products. This Service Specification Document (SSD, Version 1.0) scopes the concepts for the development and implementation of an operational QA system that will provide metrological traceability of ECV product processing and validation chains and include access to both multi-use and ECV-specific uncertainty analysis and validation tools, best practice guidance, community reference standards and full data provenance documentation. The QA system aims to provide several functions, supporting those who create, validate and use ECV data records, as well as stipulating a mechanism for the impartial evaluation of quality metrics, uncertainty assessment and validation techniques for the continual improvement of climate data and services. Community feedback is encouraged to ensure the development of the QA service is applicable across all domains and user groups.