Scientific & Technical Coordination Team


Work Package Leader

Deputy Leader


Main Tasks


Ronald van der A, KNMI

Joanne Nightingale, NPL

User engagement

Communication with ECV users and producers, coordination of dissemination activities, ensure interaction with WP2


Joanne Nightingale, NPL

Anne De Rudder, IASB-BIRA

Development QA system for ECV

Coordination of QA system development activities. Ensure interactions with WP1 (user/other project interaction) and WP3-5 (ECVs).


Michel Van Roozendael, IASB-BIRA

Nadine Gobron, JRC

QA of independent reference data and retrieval algorithms

Coordination of quality assurance for independent reference data sets and ECV retrieval algorithms

Ensure availability of reference data


Jan-Peter Muller, UCL

Folkert Boersma, KNMI

Harmonised ECV retrieval schemes and multi-decadal data records

Coordination of the modelling activities

Ensure availability of model results for dissemination and validation


Jean-Christopher Lambert, IASB-BIRA

Nadine Gobron, JRC

Validation of multi-decadal ECV data using the QA system

Coordination of the application of QA system to Land and Atmosphere ECV retrievals and CDRs


Alexander Loew, MPG

Andreas Richter, IUP-UB

Fitness for purpose of ECV products

Coordination of the fitness for purpose evaluation activities, GCOS compliance and user services. 


Ronald van der A, KNMI

Carsten Brockmann, BC

Outreach, dissemination and exploitation

Create a communication forum and web-portal for all stakeholders, QA training. Develop user services, implement advice Advisory Committee


Albert Klein Tank, KNMI

Folkert Boersma, KNMI

Overarching coordination FP7 Copernicus climate change projects

Information exchange between 5 FP7-projects and outside world, joint stakeholder liaison activities, coordinated approach of relevant Commission DGs


Folkert Boersma, KNMI

Jan-Peter Muller, UCL

Project Scientific and Technical coordination

Co-ordinate Land & Atmosphere teams and their interfacing, coordination Land with Atmosphere QA aspects.


Folkert Boersma, KNMI

Jan-Peter Muller, UCL


Coordination of all project activities

Communication with the REA and the Board