Work Packages

In the QA4ECV project 7 work packages are recognized:

WP1 -   User engagement: requirements, outreach and usability of QA4ECV. Lead beneficiary – KNMI (1)

WP2 -   Design and development of the QA system for ECV validation. Lead beneficiary – NPL (16)

WP3 -   QA of independent reference data and in situ protocols. Lead beneficiary – IASB BIRA (2)

WP4 -   Harmonised ECV retrieval schemes and multi-decadal data records. Lead beneficiary – UCL (10)

WP5 -   Validation of multi-decadal ECV data using the QA system. Lead beneficiary – IASB BIRA (2)

WP6 -   Fitness for purpose of ECV products. Lead beneficiary – MPG (4)

WP7 -   Outreach, dissemination and exploitation. Lead beneficiary – KNMI (1)