quality indicator (QI)

a means of providing a user of data or derived product with sufficient information to assess its suitability for a particular application. This information should be based on a quantitative assessment of its traceability to an agreed reference or measurement standard (ideally SI), but can be presented as a numeric or a text descriptor, provided the quantitative linkage is defined.


QA4EO – A Quality Assurance framework for Earth Observation, established by the CEOS. It consists of ten distinct key guidelines linked through an overarching document (the QA4EO Principles) and more community-specific QA4EO procedures, all available on http://qa4eo.org/documentation.html A short QA4EO "user" guide has been produced to provide background into QA4EO and how one would start implementing it (http://qa4eo.org/docs/QA4EO_guide.pdf)

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